Cool Videos: Check out the title sequence from Skyfall!

SPOILER warning for those who have yet to see SKYFALL

Man, who doesn't love some James Bond opening credits?  One of the coolest tradtitions of the Bond franchise is the opening title sequence edited to the theme song of the film.  Each film has had a creative mash-up of images that usually relate to the themes of the film, shouldered with the iconic imagery of bullets, scantilly clad women, and bad guys getting shot.  It's such a great tradition and something to look forward to each time you sit down to saok in some 007. 

If you haven't seen the film yet, then best to stay away.  The sequence is sans actual titles, but that doesn't make it any less engaging.  For my money, SKYFALL was the most refined James Bond film to date and this sequence is part of that reasoning.  It's a deep, dark, and engaging Bond film with thrilling action, a dangerously sharp villain, and a tone that's well-suited for a modern-era Bond.  So, yeah, go see it!

Here's the sequence:

Skyfall Titles - Daniel Kleinman from Rattling Stick on Vimeo.

SKYFALL is currently in theaters.

Extra Tidbit: One more time; Go see Skyfall!



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