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Exclusive Interview: The Expendables 3 Stars Lundgren and Crews!

10 months agoby:

For action fans, there is something completely satisfying about both Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren involvement in a big budget action movie. Between the two of these incredible guys, you have a whole lot of rough and toughness going on, and that is most assuredly a good thing. In THE EXPENDABLES 3, we see a return of Crews’ Caesar and Lundrens’ Gunner, as well as the rest of the crew in this adrenaline heavy sequel, and it’s a pleasure to see these fellas continue with the franchise.

When I sat down with both of these fine gentlemen, we discussed the continuation of their characters as well as where they’d like to see them go in the future of EXPENDABLES. There is a slight warning however, if you don’t want to know anything about THE EXPENDABLES 3, a couple of spoilers involving Caesar is revealed below. Other than that, it is always an amazing time talking to both Mr. Crews and Mr. Lundgren. Are you ready for THE EXPENDABLES 3? It’s coming at ya this Friday at a theatre near you.



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3:47AM on 08/13/2014
These guys really were Expendable in this movie.
These guys really were Expendable in this movie.
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