Interview: Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, and more Talk Sasquatch Sunset

We talk with Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, Christophe Zajac-Denek, Nathan, and David Zellner about Sasquatch Sunset.

One of the interesting aspects of press screenings is that you see a film early, and you don’t have a series of trailers in front of the feature. There is beauty in this. You can walk into a film with very little knowledge of what will happen. And for the new film, Sasquatch Sunset, I had that very experience. Knowing the cast and seeing a picture of a “Sasquatch,” was all I knew going in. Happily, it was one of the most unique films I’ve seen in a while. It is simply the story of a group of mysterious creatures trying to survive in an ever-changing world. Frankly, this flick has so much heart and humanity, and there is not a single line of dialogue.

Recently, I had the joy of speaking with filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner. I also spoke with cast members Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, and Christophe Zajac-Denek. Nathan Zellner also takes on Sasquatch duties as one of the characters in the film. It was a fascinating conversation. It is one that slightly goes into spoiler territory regarding one character in the film, so be warned. Mr. Eisenberg discussed taking on a role as producer as well as star. And his co-stars discussed bringing the family together.

Nathan and David Zellner discussed taking on such an ambitious project. Nathan also opened up about being part of this unusual on-screen family. And yes, he is certainly a highlight in this surprisingly grounded and emotional feature. This is an impressive and very original story that is far different from your usual Friday night at the movies. Yet Sasquatch Sunset is well worth the journey and a terrific feature film. Once again, watch out for a slighty spoilery conversation about the world of a Sasquatch family in the interview above. If you are seeking out something new and engaging, check out Sasquatch Sunset, which is opening this Friday.


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