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Explore Giant Country with the new trailer for Spielberg's The BFG


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A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because, unlike his peers, he refuses to eat boys and girls. Get a tour of Giant Country with the latest trailer for Steven Spielberg's THE BFG!

While some of the live-action elements don't look great among their animated counterparts, it's not enough to stop my excitement about a new Spielberg film scored by John Williams. There's plenty of great eye-candy to go around in this trailer so I imagine the experience will be even better on the big screen accompanied by some real music. Giants may not have the best track record in cinema, so let's see what Spielberg can do with 'em!

THE BFG his theaters on July 1, 2016.

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