Final Spidey trailer!

My wife asked me the other day after seeing the SPIDER-MAN footage during "Heroes" how excited I was about seeing the film. Pretty excited, I said, but not for any of the reasons in that trailer. I hate to get so myopic on a film that has so many potentially cool things, but seriously, I just want to see some Venom. So far our official glimpses in the trailers have been few and far between but finally we get a Venom-ous final trailer (oh God that was an awful pun). Strangely though we're still very light on the Gwen Stacy angle, which makes me think her role has been cut down. Or she never had a big role in the first place... Anyway, for some reason Sony has decided to premiere the final trailer on a website created by cable company Comcast. You'll have to deal with some annoying stuff like Comcast ads for that Triple Play nonsense (sign up for phone, internet and TV!!!) but I think it's worth it to watch the trailer. It's in HD Quicktime too so I know you won't be able to resist. Head over to the link below to check it out!

Extra Tidbit: Dear readers: Please stop sending in screengrabs on Venom. Yes, we love him too but rest assured we're aware of all the various shots of him, have posted the vast majority of them and don't need to see anymore. No love lost though.
Source: Sony Pictures



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