Five actresses are testing for the love interest role in Captain America sequel, and Black Widow will crash the party

Hayley Atwell will be missed as Peggy Carter, but Captain America has gotta move on.

Five actresses are being tested for the love interest role in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. There's not a lack of pretty amongst this group. Emilia Clarke (GAME OF THRONES), Jessica Brown Findlay (DOWNTON ABBEY), Imogen Poots, Alison Brie and Teresa Palmer are all being considered. The exact character has not been revealed, but after some research the only lady that comes up in the WINTER SOLDIER saga is Sharon Carter. Yes, there is some familiarity there. Carter is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and distant relative of Peggy. How did this happen? I guess the universe sort of gave him what he wanted.

Which of these ladies would you choose? I've shown some favoritism myself with the above photo.

Just in case you didn't get enough of her in THE AVENGERS, Scarlett Johansson is said to shown up for this as well. Apparently she has a "special interest" in Cappy. I mean, who doesn't?

Joe and Anthony Russo (COMMUNITY, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) are the helmers on the sequel (hence why Brie is on the shortlist).

Source: Deadline



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