Gerard Butler plans a fully financed trip to Motor City

Gerard Butler in black and white

I'm not sure what the deal is exactly with the lead role in Albert Hughes' MOTOR CITY.

First there was Chris Evans, then Dominic Cooper, then Jake Gyllenhaal, and then possible Jeremy Renner - all rather different options that would each have brought something all their own to the character of "a man who us double crossed and seeks revenge on the guy who put him behind bars and took his woman."  But in the end the role has gone to someone else who will also most definitely bring his own thing to the part, that someone else being Gerard Butler.

I have to say, I'm damn glad Butler has finally shifted away from movies like THE UGLY TRUTH and THE BOUNTY HUNTER - I understand that a guy's gotta have fun, but a problem then arises when it's not fun for anyone else.  Morally complex action roles seem to be Butler's forte, and this reinvestment in that side if his career is exciting to see.

BROKEN CITY's budget currently stands at $40 million with a planned start month of September, and it's all thanks to the newly-pledged full support of Emmett/Furla Films (THE TOMB, NARC).  Amber Heard is still set to play the woman Butler loves and Gary Oldman the villain he hates, which is one showdown which I have no doubt be well worth my money all by itself.

Oh, and have you heard about this girl Amber? She's beautiful and talented.  And beautiful.  Yeah.

Amber Heard in nothing at all



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