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Godzilla takes over IMAX countdown


I love the theater experience.  There's something great about hundreds of strangers coming together to share a cinema venture and that experience is made all the better when it comes to crowd-pleasing fare, as I have no doubt GODZILLA will be.  If you've caught a movie in IMAX, then you're all too familiar with the countdown that preceeds the film.  It's an audio/visual delight, and a nice way to get your heart pumping for the feature you're there to see.  They've kicked things up a notch with GODZILLA, and prepped their own version of the countdown with a roar that's sure to shake the seats.

Some films really take advantage of the aspect ratio (THE DARK KNIGHT and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL were amazing), but I'm generally content with just a regular screening of a film. When it comes to Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA, perhaps I'll shell out a few extra dollars to check this out on an even bigger screen.  You can partake in the screen of your choosing this friday, when GODZILLA hits theaters.

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Extra Tidbit: In what format will you be watching the King of the Monsters this weekend?
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