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Harrison Ford is healed! Star Wars: Episode VII has resumed filming


For those of you losing sleep over whether or not STAR WARS: EPISODE VII was ever going to start production again or those who had a fear about a pushed release date, have we got news for you! The saga has started filming again following a two-week hiatus which gave Harrison Ford time to heal from a broken leg. He’s got a pretty big role in the film and having stopped production on a STAR WARS movie, you better believe it’s an important role for Han Solo in Episode VII.

You will remember that he was injured while shooting a scene aboard the Millennium Falcon when a heavy piece of scenery collapsed on his leg. He underwent surgery and now THR reports that shooting has resumed at Pinewood Studios in the UK earlier this week. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is STILL scheduled for release on December 18, 2015.

At age 72 Ford is showing no signs of slowing down (unless he’s assaulted by his own aircraft); hell, he even got down to his favorite shorts and dumped some ice water on his head to support a good cause.

Source: THR



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