Joker takes the web

It's tough for me to sift through the labirynth of viral marketing that THE DARK KNIGHT marketing team slammed us with this weekend, but I'll try my best to take you through it, at least just a little bit. If you go to the site Whysoserious.com, where all of this began and where you now have direct access to the teaser, there's a small red line on the bottom center, which if you click on, will take you to a gallery titled 'My Wannabes', that features a bunch of people with their faces painted to look like the Joker's, outside of Comic-con.

On the right, there's a police report which you can click on that details the Joker's apparent death and the report contains a bunch of clickables that will lead you to more cryptic pages. I have to admit, I'm confused with all of this, and I'm not really a fan of all this online scavenger hunting, and puzzle solving. It makes my brain hurt! But don't get me wrong, I'm glad there are people out there who are willing to sift through all the hollyhoo and bogglewaggle to get us the meaty stuff, like the teaser and the number 1-800-395-9646.

If you call it what you'll hear is a hostage of the Joker, being held at gunpoint and forced to read a nonsense joker. I'm sure more hints are smudged in there as well. Needless to stay, a lot of DARK KNIGHT stuff went down at Comic-con this weekend, even if it wasn't officially scheduled, and that's pretty cool. This is the kind of stuff you might except from an independent film trying to gain some attention, not from the most highly anticipated film of next year. I look forward to the next viral outburst, and letting everyone else do all the hard work.

Extra Tidbit: Do you think THE DARK KNIGHT stole the show at Comic-Con?



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