Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and more join the rom com Mother's Day

Do you remember back when Garry Marshall directing a movie meant it had the chance of being a decent romantic comedy rather than a holiday-themed ensemble debacle? Yeah, me either. After the painfully bad VALENTINE'S DAY and NEW YEAR'S EVE, we now can look forward to MOTHER'S DAY. The first cast-members have been announced and they include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis. Yeah, I am super excited, too.

Marshall will direct MOTHER'S DAY from a script by Anya Kochoff-Romano and Lily Hollander. Production is set to get underway this August for an expected release date next, you guessed it, Mother's Day. The plot is unknown outside of the fact it will be a romance set around the titular holiday. With the casts of both of Marshall's prior films including at least a dozen other big Hollywood names, I would anticipate these four will only be the first names to drop.

Clearly, we are not the demographic for a movie like MOTHER'S DAY, but it may be worth discussing just where this leads the industry next. What other holidays are there left to plunder for a romantic comedy? Labor Day and Memorial Day aren't exactly romantic. Bastille Day and Canada Day are too niche. And does anyone know what the f*ck Arbor Day is? Maybe they can get Leonardo Di Caprio to headline an Earth Day movie?

MOTHER'S DAY will presumably hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

Source: Deadline



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