Just kidding! The Hobbit staying in New Zealand

Well I thought it was a done deal, but apparently Peter Jackson calling the New Zealand actors' guild's bluff worked, and as they started to turn and walk away, from over their shoulder they heard "wait, wait, wait, wait ok!"

Jackson and the producers were locked in negotiations with New Zealand's government all day (because this is literally the biggest news story in New Zealand in 100 years), to try and work out a deal, a deal which apparently they've struck.

The NZ Government and Warner Bros also agreed to work together in a "long-term strategic partnership" to promote New Zealand as both a film production and tourism destination. Said Key: "My Government is determined to use the opportunity that the Hobbit movies present to highlight New Zealand as a great place to visit, as well as a great place to do business."

"The industrial issues that have arisen in the past several weeks have highlighted a significant set of concerns for the way in which the international film industry operates," Key said. "We will be moving to ensure that New Zealand law in this area is settled to give film producers like Warner Bros the confidence they need to produce their movies in this country. This will guarantee the movies are made in New Zealand."

In other words, "we're fixing shit, comes shoot movies here and bring your families."

This is definitely good news for the film as although it probably could have worked anywhere, the sweeping landscapes of New Zealand were a great part of the first trilogy, and it's nice to know they'll be present this time around as well.

Extra Tidbit: Though to the animators' credit, there was an ass ton of CGI making some of those majestic landscapes as well.
Source: Deadline



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