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Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark L. Smith teaming up again for Conquest


Mark L. Smith's script for THE REVENANT may have put Leonardo DiCaprio through some serious hell, but with an Oscar win seemingly on the horizon for Leo later this month, you can't blame him if he wants to work together with Smith for another project.

And that's what is happening with the news that Paramount has landed the film CONQUEST, which is being described as a "star vehicle" for DiCaprio by Deadline, which will have Smith once again penning the script.

What's the film about though? No one's saying, nor will anyone even let on as to what sort of character DiCaprio will be playing. But Paramount outbid several other studios for the chance to get this one in their hands and you can understand why. They've been in the DiCaprio business before - SHUTTER ISLAND and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET - and done quite well for themselves.


Source: Deadline



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