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08.06.2008by: Jim Law

Comic Con Hotties vs. Geeks (2008)

Why is it if a girl dresses up like Supergirl and steps on to the floor at Comic Con she's considered hot, but if the dude right next to her is wearing a Superman costume we call him a f*cking loser? Don't answer, I don't really care. That's just the way it is. I'm done pretending I can report real news. It's time for me to get back where I belong, throw up a couple pictures of boobs, write half a paragraph, and call it a job. If I wasn't standing in a ridiculously long line, drunk off my ass, or sleeping on my shower floor (Hard Rock Hotel = Greatest. Showers. Ever.) this past weekend I was recording our trip for you, the guy that couldn't be there. I'm good like that.


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