MacGyver takes MacGruber to court?

Looks like MACGRUBER might need a little longer than 10 seconds to defuse this legal bomb that just got dropped. Latino Review is reporting that Lee Zlotoff, creator of the "MacGyver" TV series is ready to file suit against the upcoming Universal film for copyright/trademark infringement. Zlotoff is separately developing a MACGYVER movie with Warners-based New Line and believes that the MACGRUBER movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters this April, could infringe on his property.

The worst case scenario for Universal and MACGRUBER would be if an injunction were filed preventing the film from being released. I'm no Matlock but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's a longshot. I think Zlotoff's case is sketchy at best at this point (as THR points out, are viewers really likely to be confused by the MACGRUBER/MACGYVER similarities?) but I'm sure Universal and MACGRUBER production company Relativity Media will come to some sort of financial settlement that'll make Zlotoff shut up and the April 23rd release date stick.

A similar last-minute legal issue almost blocked the release of AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER as the James Bond people felt that it infringed on the GOLDFINGER film. But, as mentioned above, a settlement was reached and GOLDMEMBER hit theaters without any kind of title change. Will MACGRUBER be so lucky? 10 seconds MacGruber...

Source: Latino ReviewTHR



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