Interview: MacGruber Stars Laurence Fishburne and Billy Zane

As we finish off MacGruber week here at JoBlo, we saved a couple of legends for you. Laurence Fishburne is incredible. The actor has appeared in the MCU, The Matrix – although he has publicly spoken about not being in the new film – and John Wick. It’s incredible the many amazing performances he’s given. And then there is Billy Zane. The villain in Dead Calm and Titanic knows how to be a bad guy in the movies, and he’s terrific at it. In fact, both of these fellas are fantastic actors, and they help bring the cred to a series like MacGruber. What an amazing cast this fun little show features.

We recently spoke to both Mr. Fishburne and Mr. Zane, and it was a very enjoyable experience. Having recently spoken to Laurence for the film The Ice Road, it was nice to chat once again. This time with an entirely different type of entertainment. As for Mr. Zane, it was such a pleasure to speak to him in person for the first time. For Billy, he opened up about being a fan of MacGruber back when he saw the first film in 2010. Mr. Fishburne had a slightly different introduction. But frankly, both are terrific in the Will Forte and Kristen Wiig starring comedy. I have a feeling all the MacGruber fans will be looking into getting Peacock, and they are right to do so. MacGruber is awesome! Check out the new series only on Peacock.


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