The Ice Road Interviews: Laurence Fishburne and Amber Midthunder!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Friday, Liam Neeson returns for some action in the new Netflix thriller The Ice Road. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, the new feature brings the legendary actor back in the cold, but this time a bunch of massive trucks are in the mix. And frankly, it's amazing to see Mr. Neeson still kicking ass and bringing a ton of class to action. Starring alongside the actor include the impressive talents of the great Laurence Fishburne stepping in, Amber Midthunder from TV's Roswell, New Mexico is also in attendance. As well, you have Matt McCoy, Holt McCallany, Matt Salinger, and more. And this Friday on Netflix, you can check out the latest in the comfort of your own home. Even with many of us are finally back in theatres, it's still cool to catch a great new movie in your very own environment.

Recently, we spoke to the cast of The Ice Road, which included, of course, the great Liam Neeson. However, we also sat down with another legendary performer, Mr. Laurence Fishburne. This amazing talent opened up about taking on the new thriller. And with a new Matrix coming, I asked his thoughts on where Morpheus would be now. Next up, we sat down with the very talented Amber Midthunder. Like pretty much anybody, she was thrilled to work with such incredible co-stars. The actress is solid here, and it's likely we'll see much more from her. And speaking of that, you can catch her with the upcoming new season of Roswell: New Mexico on its way. It was terrific speaking with everyone involved. And as mentioned, this Friday, you too can head out onto the ice for a little vehicular action.


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