WTF Happened to MacGruber (2010)?

First appearing on Saturday Night Live shorts in 2007, Will Forte’s dimwitted bomb-detonating special agent MACGRUBER certainly didn’t seem like feature film material. But he proved popular enough to justify an R-rated 2010 movie… which completely flopped at the box office. Despite the rising star quality of Kristen Wiig, who was a year away from becoming a box office megastar in Bridesmaids, Ryan Phillippe, Will Forte and a scene-stealing Val Kilmer as Dieter Von Cunth, theatrically it was a dud. In fact, the movie didn’t even break $10 million at the box office, despite a wide release and excellent reviews. And then, a cult following over the next decade somehow brought the character back to life for a streaming series (which we loved- read our review). Time to pound some Cunth and find out “WTF Happened to MACGRUBER!”

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