Interview: MacGruber Stars Ryan Phillippe and Joseph Lee Anderson

Ryan Phillippe has always been pretty cool. Look, I dug the hell out of him in movies like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Yet he really has earned his cool card with a few of his recent roles. This of course includes his hilarious work in 2010’s MacGruber. And yes, he’s back in the upcoming Peacock series. Joining him is the talented Joseph Lee Anderson. While the two actors add a bit of sanity to the proceedings, they both have some time to earn a laugh in the new Will Forte and Kristen Wiig starring series. And let us not forget how damn funny Ryan was in the original film.

Continuing our MacGruber week, I had the extreme pleasure to chat with these fine fellas. First off, the two opened up about playing in this world surrounded by such incredibly funny people. And while the two mentioned that they don’t get to improvise too much, you know Mr. Phillippe will be taking a few risks in this series. Dammit, he’s good in this role. For Joseph, who is featured in the series Young Rock, the actor continues to bring a bit more humor and fun to series television. We’ll just have to see if he ever gets to get crazy with the best of them. MacGruber is coming, and if you love the movie, you’re going to have a blast with the series. Check it out this Thursday, only on Peacock.


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