Marmaduke voices

Maemarduke strip. I guess. I wouldn't know.

There's a Marmaduke movie in the works? Really? No kidding? Wow, that's something. What is a Marmaduke anyway? I gather that it's a long-running comic strip but no newspaper in my neck o' the woods ever printed that one. Is he a second cousin to Hagar the Horrible? Hey, there's a cool idea for a movie!

Alright, so this Marmaduke thing is apparently going to be live-action mixed with CG, like SCOOBY-DOO and G-FORCE - now there's a couple of reassuring references. AND the live-action portion is already done filming, would you look at that? Judy Greer and Lee Pace apparently play owners to the titular...what is it again? Oh, right, a dog. And a Great Dane you say? How f*ckin original!

Anyway, the CG characters just got themselves some voices in Ron Perlman - Hellboy would kick your sorry ass if he knew-, Jeremy Piven, Steve Coogan, that McLovin kid and Fergie. The singing one.

The film comes out on June 4 next year. I got a marker if anybody needs to cross that date on their calendar.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, Hagar the Horrible starring Zach Galifianakis would be awesome!
Source: Empire Online



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