More Texas Chainsaw?

I know TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING left you with a ton of questions at the end (like "Why did I just pay $10 to see this shit?") that you're just clamoring for a sequel. New Line and producer Michael Bay had said that there would be no more TEXAS CHAINSAW after that last film but now our bud Ryan Rotten (currently writing at Shock Till You Drop) is reporting that there may be a third installment in the works still. He reports that New Line and Bay's Platinum Dunes production company are "seriously flirting" with the idea of a third film but haven't yet taken any story pitches. So we don't know where a third film would take Leatherface but how about we follow some other unnecessary sequels and do LEATHERFACE TAKES MANHATTAN? Or LEATHERFACE: CITY UNDER SIEGE? Or LEATHERFACE SAVES CHRISTMAS? Post your favorite possible ideas for a third TEXAS CHAINSAW movie below and please try to avoid the obvious LEATHERFACE: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. That's too easy, people.

Extra Tidbit: Viggo Mortensen starred in the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3.



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