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I'm still undecided as to if Richard Kelly is going to be able to pull in a mainstream audience with his Salvador Dali style of filmmaking, but if he ever had a chance, I suppose it would be with THE BOX.

Empire just debuted this new poster for the film (which conveniently has a headlining quote from them), and I have to say, there’s something not quite right about it. Not in a surreal, purposefully off-putting way that would echo the tone of the film. No, I mean it looks like Cameron Diaz was made from scratch using photoshop, causing her to look like Hilary Clinton with half her face melting and it creeps me the f*ck out.

Click on the poster below for a larger version to see what I mean.

Extra Tidbit: For the record, I sort of liked SOUTHLAND TALES. But mainly just the part where scar-faced Justin Timberlake was singing The Killers.
Source: Empire



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