New poster for The Town features 100 percent more floating heads

There was a time, perhaps around FORCES OF NATURE, when it was almost hard to remember that Ben Affleck was an Oscar winner. But with his work directing GONE BABY GONE and the look of his latest project, THE TOWN, it's not a stretch to think he'll eventually be a multiple Oscar-winner. THE TOWN has some great buzz courtesy its trailer and the film is heading to the Toronto Film Festival next month.

The original poster was a pretty cool image of creepily masked bank robbers dressed as nuns and while they're still on this new poster, they're slightly more hidden so that floating heads can be more prominent. I'm not a huge fan of the floating head design but with a cast this talented, you've got to be able to show them off somehow. Check out the new international poster for THE TOWN below and stay tuned to JoBlo.com for our complete coverage from the Toronto Film Fest!

Source: Empire Online



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