Ben Affleck is Kinda Crazy (video)

Ben Affleck has had a roller coaster of a career. He started out with an Oscar winning bang then his star fell quicker than you can try to pronounce GIGILI. But what goes up must come down and then back up again! Affleck took to the director’s seat and showed the world that he is a “crazy” good filmmaker. Ben pumped out powerful dramas left and right but suddenly we were all hit with the news that this former Daredevil (and Kinda Superman) actor will be the new Batman in BATMAN V SUPERMAN. Civil war broke out and the term “Batffleck” was soon on the tongue of every DCEU loving/hating nerd who had a computer. Some love him and hate him but nobody can deny his “crazy” talent in front of and behind the camera.

Join me as we bust open the head of the artist formally known as “Bennifer” and see what makes him tick. Who do you think is KINDA CRAZY? Let us know in the comments below. 


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