New shot of Lindsay Lohan as a murderous nun in Machete

Lindsay Lohan has been curiously absent from most of the MACHETE trailers thus far, and I’m not sure why. Are the MACHETE producers really worried that association with Lohan would turn people off the project? I think at this point, Lindsay Lohan appearing in ANYthing is kind of a novelty, especially when she’s playing a role as absurd as this.

FilmTotaal has this new image of Lohan as a nun holding an Uzi with the world’s largest silencer on it. Seriously, her and Anton Chigurh from NO COUNTRY should meet up and discuss the various merits of giant silencers.

I’m assuming there will be some point where Lohan will rip off this flowing habit to reveal lingerie in the film, or else this really is a wasted casting decision. What, nuns can kill people but not be sexy? Unfair.

Click on the image to see it bigger at FilmTotaal.

Extra Tidbit: This really does have to win the "Most Random Cast of the Year" award.
Source: FilmTotaal



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