Nolan talks TDK 2

First off, let me start by saying I realize how ridiculous it is to refer to the third Christopher Nolan Batman movie as TDK 2 but I'm not sure what a better shortened title is. Bats 3? I'd hate for you to think that Nolan was making a film in this trilogy. In any event, to promote tomorrow's big release of THE DARK KNIGHT on DVD and Blu-ray, Nolan has been out talking about the films, something he hasn't done much of since TDK was released. The subject of another Batman film came up (obviously) and Nolan for the first time admitted to working on ideas for the sequel. He tells USA Today he's done some "rough outlines" for a plot of a third film though he didn't really like much of what he came up with. He reiterated that he's exceptionally concerned about screwing up a DARK KNIGHT follow-up and that comes out of being "respectful" to the fans. My question to you, those very same fans, is whether you'd rather roll the dice and get one more Batman movie or if you'd rather quit while we're ahead. I'm not sure you could ever top TDK critically and commercially, so I'd be inclined to say just let it be but I might be convinced otherwise...

Extra Tidbit: My local Best Buy is opening at 12:01am to sell copies of TDK.
Source: USA Today



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