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Ready for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Disney sure is!


Audiences will never get tired of Johnny Depp's slurring swashbuckler Captain Jack Sparrow.

At least, that's what Disney is thinking/hoping/praying, since they've already raised the sails for a fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie. Yarrr, it's true. Yarrr.

While ON STRANGER TIDES still drifts toward a May release, the House of Mouse has PIRATES regular Terry Rossio on tap to write another voyage of Sparrow and his scurvy (and sometimes sexy) crew.

Rossio's collaborator Ted Elliott has apparently been tossed into the mouth of the Kraken, so he's steering the ship himself this time, but Deadline says Disney is trying to get TIDES director Rob Marshall back for another adventure.

Extra Tidbit: Unless he sails through a whirlpool-wormhole and winds up in the modern day, what else could Captain Jack possibly encounter on the high seas of his time period? (Or shit, did I just give them an idea for the next one?)
Source: Deadline



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