Red-band Shoot 'Em Up trailer

SHOOT 'EM UP has been receiving some top quality buzz since its screening over at the Comic-Con, and to keep that positive word of mouth, New Line has added an R-rated trailer, which can be viewed on the official website. I'm loving this trend of red-band trailers, but I'm not loving the restrictions studios impose on seeing them. What happens if you're a Canadian? I'm tired of using my uncle's name and zip code. Either way, at least the studio is trying to remind us that not every major movie out there is geared towards a family audience. In the film, Clive Owen plays Mr. Smith, who delivers a baby during a shootout and then is charged with protecting that baby from an army of gunmen led by Paul Giammatti, who is going the Phillip Seymour Hoffman route, by using his considerable acting talents to play a pure psychopath. Also, Monica Belluci. The film is out September 7th.
Extra Tidbit: Bellucci voiced Kaileena in a PRINCE OF PERSIA video game



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