Sweeney Clips

Even though the idea of a musical about a hairdresser with a fruity Rogue from the X-men type hairstyle is literally like someone peered into my wildest nightmares and then committed them to film, SWEENEY TODD is probably gonna be pretty great. The trailer definitely looked great, and Johnny Depp very rarely strays from the path of awesome. Plus, let's not forget that Sacha Baron Cohen (or BORAT) makes an appearance too. Today we have 9 really sweet clips from the flick for your enjoyment. You can check them out and the JoBlo.com video section. And even if you aren't all that into the movie, the third clip features a quite wonderful view of Helena Bonham Carter's cleavage. As we know, the movie is based on the hit Broadway musical about Mr Benjamin Barker (Depp) aka. Sweeney Todd, who sets up a barber shop where he extracts his revenge on those who had wronged him in the past. He also sings sometimes.

Extra Tidbit: Alan Rickman should get way more roles.



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