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The Rock looking rectangular on the set of GI Joe 2


I think it's safe to say that not many were terribly excited with the prospect of a second GI JOE film, as the first was somewhat fun nonsense, but hardly warranted a sequel.

However, the film injected itself with the shot of adrenaline known as The Rock, who when he's kicking ass rather than starring in kids films, has the power to generate pretty decent levels of excitement. See this summer's FAST FIVE as evidence of that.

He's taken to Twitter to cover his time on set, and in between tweets about "bringing it," he's posted some good picture. His latest is below which shows him in a full military gear as Roadblock, an exceptionally appropriate character name if I've ever heard one.

Click to see the picture in giant size.

Extra Tidbit: I still need to check out FASTER. What did you guys think of it if you saw it?
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