Trailer for "His Last Vow," the Series 3 finale for BBC's Sherlock

The second episode of the third series of Sherlock aired on BBC last night, so you know what the means, right? Yup, a trailer for the series finale has been released! Called "His Last Vow," the final episode of series 3 will feature a case involving the mysterious Charles Augustus Magnussen. If you haven't seen any of the new episodes of Sherlock, you'll probably want to avoid this trailer.

The game is on!


A case of stolen letters leads Sherlock Holmes into a long conflict with Charles Augustus Magnussen, the Napoleon of blackmail, and the one man he truly hates. But how do you tackle a foe who knows the personal weakness of every person of importance in the Western world?

I'm sure all of the recent Sherlock news has been brutal for fans of the show who haven't seen the series 3 episodes yet, but don't worry, the new episodes will start airing on PBS on January 19. If you really want to see the latest episodes before then, I suppose you could download them, but you wouldn't steal a policeman's helmet and go to the toilet in it...would you?

"His Last Vow" will air on BBC on January 12th, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: I watched the first episode of Series 3 on Friday. I won't spoil anything, but I will say it was f*cking hilarious, and well worth the wait.
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