Watch Tom Cruise kick all forms of ass in new clip, TV spots, and international trailer for Jack Reacher

You know, there's something about Tom Cruise's ferocity that I really dig.  In the fight scenes he's done thus far in his career, mostly from the MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE franchise, he's got an air of intensity that comes off as more genuine than choreographed.  Perhaps he's channeling the anger from the constant tabloid bullshit and attacks on his personal life or maybe he's making up for his relatively small size, I don't know, but either way he brings the heat when beatin' down some bad guys, which is readily apparent in this new clip from the film.  It's very Jason Bourne, which I guess is the new comparision tool to use when someone whips the ass of a bad guy in fast and furious fashion. 

In addition to the clip, we have the Japanese trailer for the film, which offers up more footage and a super annoying voice over, that leaps into hilarity in many points, especially the end.  I guess if you speak Japanese it probably sounds about as ridiculous as English-language voice over, so what do I know? 

Jason Bourne...meet JACK REACHER:

And here's the Japanese 'uh-Jack-ar-Reachar" trailer:

Live by JACK REACHER's rules:

I'm stoked for this pic, no matter what.  I've read the book, One Shot, by Lee Child, which this story is based on and since I knew that Cruise was taking on the role I read it with him in mind, never having any issues buying him as Reacher.  Yeah, there's a height difference, but as I stated above, Cruise seems to make up for that in his performance.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the new filmmaking duo of Cruise and writer director Christopher McQuarrie (WAY OF THE GUN) bring to the table.

JACK REACHER starts kicking ass and chewing bubble gum on December 21, 2012.


Extra Tidbit: The fact that a John-McTiernan directed version of John Carter starring Tom Cruise almost happened makes me cringe with lament. How awesome...Predator meets Tarzan? Sold!
Source: IGN



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