Who is making Lullaby?

So today I kind of sat down for a chat with a writer named Chuck Palahniuk. He was doing press for his upcoming movie CHOKE (which features a hottie giving Sam Rockwell the ol' reverse ride), and of course, being the intrepid scoop hound that I am, asked him about upcoming adaptations of his work. There was the recent story that his book RANT was optioned, but this is what I heard straight from the horse's mouth. LULLABY and SURVIVOR are the next to Palahniuk films going into production. Francis Lawrence (I AM LEGEND) is doing survivor--which was previously reported on Chuck's site, and in more "breaking" news, a Swedish director is doing LULLABY. He told me his name, but pronounced in with the proper Swedish inflections, so I know what it sounds like but not how it reads. Ulfer Jansen is the best way I can translate it, and Chuck said he's done a lot of commercials and music videos, but this is his first feature. Oh, and he described him has "the Swedish David Fincher." So there you go, first one to find his identity wins!!!
Extra Tidbit: Do you guys like Lawrence for SURVIVOR?
Source: JoBlo



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