Zack and Miri banned?

If they want to call the movie ZACK AND MIRI that's fine, but Zack and Miri cannot make a porno on my bus shelters.

That's a quote from Philadelphia deputy mayor of transportation Rina Cutler who has banned advertisements from ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO at city bus shelters and public billboards. Kevin Smith's film, which was famously sold to The Weinstein Co. on a six-word pitch, is getting into hot water over one of those words: porno. The Associated Press is reporting that "15 newspapers and several TV stations and cable channels" have refused to run advertisements for the film in addition to bans by Philly and Boston. One Boston-based professor said that the ads "send a message to children that working in the porn industry is an acceptable occupation." A rep for the Weinstein Co. said that to get around the newspapers that have refused advertisements they might come up with some creative versions of ads that block that word "porno." This is of course after the MPAA banned the original poster for the film that hinted that Zack and Miri were going down on each other. As you might expect, somewhere Harvey Weinstein is sitting in his office and eating this controversy up like cake.

Extra Tidbit: How do children even know what a "porno" is?
Source: AP



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