A Star is Born is returning to theaters with extended version for one week

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A STAR IS BORN may not have been the big Oscar winner on Sunday, but it did walk away with one trophy (Best Original Song for “Shallow”) and it made for the most-talked-about moment of the evening – an intimate performance of the song with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga staring into each other’s eyes with the passion of a sweeping romance. Warner Bros. will now be capitalizing off that heat by re-releasing an extended cut of the movie into theaters, featuring extended and new performances from the movie’s soundtrack.


Grand total, there will be 12 extra minutes in this special edition, including extended performances of the songs “Black Eyes” and “Alibi” from Ally (Gaga) as well as of the a cappella, parking lot version of “Shallow” in the early part of the movie. Warner Bros. doesn't quite need to make more money off the movie after it made over $400 million globally, but it's planning a sizeable one-week run across 1,150 theaters. 

On top of that, there’s new footage of Ally singing the song “Is That Alright?” and of Cooper’s Jackson Maine singing the song “Too Far Gone” in the recording studio. The final new addition finds Ally and Maine writing a song together titled “Clover”, which is a song that did appear on the movie’s best-selling soundtrack. 


Once seen as the Oscar frontrunner, the movie ended up being nominated for eight Oscars including Best Picture, Best Actor (Cooper) and Best Actress (Gaga), but only ended up taking home one prize. The movie lost all traction when big hitters like ROMA and GREEN BOOK (the unfortunate Best Picture winner) gained heavy momentum. Maybe had things been only slightly different A STAR IS BORN would’ve cleaned house, which would have not been surprising given its massive audience appeal and critics praising the bold, sweeping love story that captured hearts around the globe.

Oh well, if you’re not going to win all the Oscars you may as well try and get more butts in the seats with a re-release, which is what a lot of other studios are doing for their movies as well. Other one-prize movies are going back to theaters, like Sony extending SPIDER-VERSE (Best Animated Movie) back into over 2,000 theaters, and THE FAVOURITE (Best Actress) going from over 200 locations to over 700. Oh, and GREEN BOOK is going back into theaters…but clearly you have other choices, too. 

Source: Deadline

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