Actor shares images of The Strangers: Prey at Night alternate ending

Last Updated on July 21, 2021

The Strangers: Prey at Night Johannes Roberts

THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT, a follow-up to 2008's THE STRANGERS that took ten years to make it to the screen, ended on an ambiguous note. A character in a hospital room hears a knock at the door and is afraid that the person knocking could be one of the titular masked murderers, but we're not shown who's at the door. An alternate ending included on the home video release (you can pick up a copy at THIS LINK) showed that the strangers are still a danger.

Now actor William Willet has taken to his Facebook account to share behind-the-scenes images from the making of another alternate ending, one which would have not only confirmed that the stranger known as the Man in the Mask is still out there, but also would have added another kill to the film's body count. Judging by these images, it looks like a doctor played by Willet would have been the person knocking at the hospital room door… then the Man in the Mask would have appeared behind him.

I think I prefer the ending we got in the finished film over either of the alternate options.

Directed by Johannes Roberts from a screenplay by Ben Ketai and original THE STRANGERS writer/director Bryan Bertino, THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT has the following synopsis: 

A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive. 

The film stars Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman as the beleaguered family, with Damian Maffei, Emma Bellomy, and Lea Enslin as the strangers.


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