Adam Sandler intercepts Mark Wahlberg’s role in football comedy Three Mississippi with Will Ferrell

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the field…Adam Sandler strikes!  It looks like a scheduling conflict with Mark Wahlberg has caused THE OTHER GUYS actor to drop out of the planned football comedy THREE MISSISSIPPI with Will Ferrell, giving Sandler a shot at the draft.

Now, it appears we’ll have our first Will Ferrell/Adam Sandler team up since their SNL days, while Wahlberg takes on a role in Peter Berg’s simultaneously shooting LONE SURVIVOR. 

THREE MISSISSIPPI is a “tale of two rival families who have an annual tackle football game at Thanksgiving — with one family (Wahlberg’s-now, Sandler’s) the perennial loser.”  Hijinks ensue, etc.

Originally called “Turkey Bowl,” the renamed comedy was also started under the helm of Adam McKay, but with the recent greenlight of ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND CONTINUES, McKay dropped out, allowing director Sean Anders (SEX DRIVE, THAT’S MY BOY) to coach the team. 

I’m really torn with this decision.  On one hand, we have the typical “Sandler sucks” thing, but on the other, we have Ferrell teaming up with him, which very well could push Sandler to give a bit more than the typical dick and fart jokes, wonderful as they may be.  I’d prefer Wahlberg for the project, but at the same time the prospects of a Will Ferrell/Adam Sandler comedy team up, especially a rivalry, really pique’s my interest.

What say you, sports fans?

THREE MISSISSIPPI is slated to shoot this Fall with a release in 2013.

Source: Vulture

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