Adi Shankar tells us what needs to happen before we see a sequel to Dredd

Despite so many movie fans loving DREDD and trying to get the word out, the likelihood of a sequel is almost non-existent. DREDD was made on a budget of $50 million, not huge in the grand scheme of blockbusters, but it only managed to rake in $35.6 million…worldwide. That’s not a very good incentive for producers to get a sequel made.

Adi Shankar, who’s been in the news lately for his Power Rangers and James Bond fan-films, was a producer on DREDD and wants a sequel every bit as much as its biggest fans do. However there are many reasons why this probably won’t happen, namely that it’s next to impossible to get a studio interested in producing a sequel to a film that lost everyone money. Duh, we all know that, but what actually needs to happen for a film to get financed?

Adi Shankar put together a video that explains the process in a little more detail:

I count myself among the legions (on second thought, maybe we’re not that big) of DREDD fans who would love to see a sequel, especially since Karl Urban expresses his desire to return almost every chance he gets, but have resigned myself to the fact that it probably won't happen.

Source: Youtube

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