American Pie 2

Review Date:
Director: James B. Rogers
Writer: Adam Herz
Producers: Warren Zide, Craig Perry, Chris Moore
Jason Biggs
Chris Klein
Seann William Scott
Your old friends from the original AMERICAN PIE flick are back and not much has changed. Of course, they’ve all completed a year in College at this point, but they’re still just looking to have a good time and get busy with the ladies. And with the summer off and good times ahead, the lads decide to take their action to the beach and hilarity, sexual promiscuity and lots of dick jokes ensue…
This movie should’ve been called “A Teenager’s Guide to Getting Laid!” It’s a decent follow-up to the original with a few laugh-out loud moments, much hilarity by the way of Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy, a little deja-vu, a little nostalgia and a weak ending. I enjoyed this movie on the whole and certainly don’t see how fans of the original wouldn’t enjoy it either. It’s got all of the same elements working in this one and it manages to pull them all off rather nicely. The plot is seriously unimportant, it’s basically about the same five guys from the original, all looking to get laid. Period. There are pissing jokes (probably one of the funniest in the film), sexual embarrassments, some lesbo stuff, some gay stuff, some tantra stuff, a few patches of T&A and a whole lot of drinking and partying. Nothing wrong with all that, of course…

The film’s also got a great soundtrack, at least to my ears, with pretty much all of the cooler tunes from this summer making an appearance at one point or another. But the downside to the film is that there are just too many characters to cover and seeing as it is only a quickie summer flick, some are basically relegated to cameo appearances (maybe the DVD will slice more of these folks into an extended version or something). The girls, for example, are practically absent during the entire film. Tara Reid, Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth and Natasha Lyonne barely have any “real” moments in the whole movie. They just come in from time to time and say a few words. A little disappointing. The film also seems to lose its steam with about half an hour left. The energy of the original’s conclusion isn’t matched in this one, and you just end up waiting for a cool, surprising moment that never comes (no pun intended, ya’ll!). But on the whole, the film kept me smiling for the most part, had me cracking up whenever Seann William Scott said anything (!) and definitely scored points for still being able to give all of these kids a little bit of sweetness and “reality” beneath all of that horniness and perversion, so I guess that’s gotta count for something! Sniff, sniff…it also reminded me of how irresponsible, sexually experimental and fun my youth used to be before “adulthood” turned me into the bitter, horny jerk you see before you…harumph, but I digress. A fun movie for the kids! 😉

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

American Pie 2