Amsterdam: First reactions to the new David O. Russell film posted on Twitter after premiere

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One of the year’s anticipated films come awards season is the next ensemble piece coming from David O. Russell, Amsterdam. The film showcases an all-star cast featuring regulars of the director’s filmography, including Christian Bale and Robert DeNiro. The trailer for the film displays the off-beat humor the director is known for with films like I Heart Huckabees and American Hustle.

The movie recently had its premiere with stars in tow, including Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Mike Myers, Rami Malek, Michael Shannon, and Robert DeNiro. Reactions hit Twitter and seem to be mixed with mostly negative comments. Matt Neglia of The Next Best Picture awards site and podcast called Russell’s latest effort “a convoluted mess that’s never as interesting as it thinks it is.” New York critic, Murtada Elfadl, says the movie is “meandering” and “only comes alive intermittently.” Gregory Ellwood of ThePlaylist.Net called it “a big ol’ miss” and that the “tone and editing are his most jarring since Huckabees.”

However, amongst the negative reactions would inevitably also be some positive reactions. Dancin’ Dan, also of Next Best Picture, says it’s “often very funny thanks to its fully committed, talented cast.” Joey Magidson of Awards Radar calls it a “solid amount of fun, with an A-list cast up and down the line having a blast.” 

Russell’s last outing, Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence, was met with a humble, positive score on Rotten Tomatoes at 60%, although audiences weren’t particularly keen on it. Before that film, American Hustle was met with much higher ratings, although audiences generally view it as an actors’ showcase than a good overall movie. Russell’s movies often collect Academy Award nominations, and with the mixed reactions, this looks to be one of his more modest attempts and will have to compete with movies such as The Fabelmans and The Whale, which are already generating great Oscar buzz.

Amsterdam hits theaters on October 7.

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