Anna Faris sells Paramount a true to life Stalker story

Anna Faris has turned a former pain into a funny movie idea.

Paramount bought Faris’ pitch for a film called STALKER. Plot details are being kept under wraps. All that is known is that the story involves Faris and a roommate who turns out to be a stalker from hell.

The idea for Faris’ pitch came from her agents, after hearing a story from the actress about a funny incident that happened in her real life. Novelist Deanna Kizis who helped to evolve the the idea will write the script.

Anna Faris is a funny lady so it will be great to see one of her ideas on the big screen. The added bonus is that she will star. Too bad Faris won’t be the crazy ass roommate. She is easily the best thing about JUST FRIENDS, which is a great comedy if you’ve never seen it. Another great role for her was Brandi in OBSERVE & REPORT, a film that does not get enough love.

Source: THR

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