Another Prometheus viral campaign ad featuring Michael Fassbender’s David

The PROMETHEUS viral campaign is continuing its trajectory towards the film’s premiere with a new ad featuring Michael Fassbender’s android character, David.  The ad, titled “Happy birthday, David,” showcases the human-like qualities of an android, in particular the David model.  Fassbender sells it perfectly, coming off as an android utterly convinced of his relatable human qualities.

Wish David a happy birthday:

“I can also go batshit crazy and vomit milk all over the place.” 

I think they forgot that line.  It’s cool, Fox.  Nodobdy’s perfect. 

I always thought the android aspect of the ALIEN films added another layer to the story and created a heavy dose of tension, as you were never quite sure how well they’d hold up.  They’re just too unpredictable.  It’s another take on humans relying too much on technology (i.e. the androids) and finding that it gets out of control. We should’ve stopped at microwaves and iPods.

Judging from the trailers thus far with Fassbender dancing around and looking downright creepy in every scene, I get the feeling that he’s not going to be very reliable to his human counterparts on thier mission.  Just a hunch.

PROMETHEUS lands on June 8, 2012

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