Another Round remake in the works with Leonardo DiCaprio

another round remake leonardo dicaprio

Looks like Hollywood is ready for Another Round… literally. Not comfortable to nurse their Oscar hangover for very long, Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way production shingle are already preparing a remake of last night's Best International Film winner from director Thomas Vinterberg and star Mads Mikkelsen.

Per Deadline, the film will be developed as a potential star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio and was won in a bid by his and Jennifer Davisson’s Appian Way, Endeavor Content, and Brad Weston’s Makeready. The film will be fully funded by Endeavor Content and Makeready.

Word has it that Another Round was being eyed as remake material even before the film won the Oscar on Sunday evening. Of course, now that it's secured the win, it's an even hotter ticket than it was before.

Another Round revolves around four teacher pals in midlife crisis who decide to experiment with raising their blood alcohol levels as a way to make life more interesting. While they initially are exacting about their levels, things progressively get out of hand for some of them. The film takes a European look at the consumption of alcohol that makes an English-language remake intriguing. Alcohol is not the evil element, it’s more about the choices made by the characters, what it does to them and their families and how to turn things around.

I can think of more productive ways to change your life than setting yourself up for a life-threatening addiction to alcohol, but hey, that's the story here, right?

Vinterberg, who wrote the film with Tobias Lindholm, will executive produce the remake alongside Sisse Graum Jørgensen and Kasper Dissing. According to reports, other studios were interested in acquiring the rights to the film, including Studiocanal with The Picture Company and Jake Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker’s Nine Stories. Even Elizabeth Banks put an offer on the table through Universal Pictures. However, DiCaprio's willingness to star played a large hand in Appian Way sealing the deal. After all, who doesn't want a star as bright as DiCaprio's to lead their remake?

Source: Deadline

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