Another Twilight fan-fiction, Beautiful Bastard, gets published and will become a movie

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Just when my hopes that TWILIGHT was finally over began to settle, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY came along to ruin my day. How could a story that started out as fan fiction on the Internets become a bestseller and spawn a potential film? If that was the case for all fan fiction, I would have gotten my Starfleet versus the Galactic Empire movie years ago.

Alas, FIFTY SHADES was not the only TWILIGHT afterbirth to get a movie deal. The latest is called BEAUTIFUL BASTARD. The story transplanted the Edward-Bella romance to a workplace backdrop. Now that story, previously titled THE OFFICE, has gotten a deal to become a film.

Here’s the “plot”:

BEAUTIFUL BASTARD tells the story of Chloe Mills, an MBA student interning at a media conglomerate who begins a torrid love-hate relationship with her boss, Bennett Ryan, who has just returned from France to take a prominent role in the family company.

Constantin Film will produce the movie version. Jeremy Bolt (RESIDENT EVIL) is attached to produce. This will not end well for those of us hoping for more quality movies in theaters. For a while, I was thinking this whole trend would end with vampires and werewolves, but no. We now have to deal with a slew of bad romance novels masquerading as female empowerment stories. Can’t there thousands of better novels out there to make into movies?

Thanks for nothing, Stephanie Meyer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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