Antoine Fuqua talks about the cut original ending for Brooklyn’s Finest

Have you had a chance to see BROOKLYN’S FINEST yet?

If you haven’t, I suggest you skip the video contained in this article, unless you like spoil things for yourself.

MTV sat down with director Antoine Fuqua as well as one of the stars, Ethan Hawke. It was pointed out that the ending of the film has a small, yet significant change from the one seen at Sundance this year. This is what Fuqua said about the ending, “That ending was an experiment. The Sundance cut was a chance for me to put the movie in front of a real audience. It wasn’t done at all, by far. Everything is temporary. What it did was it allowed me to watch it with an audience reaction and then go back and go to my original notes, and then follow… again why I wanted to tell the story which dictated that ending.”

Check out the video below to get the entire explanation and some prospective from Hawke. Again, spoilers.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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