Are Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston vying for the role of Lex Luthor in the Superman/Batman film?

While we all speculate on who will play the next Batman/Bruce Wayne, there’s one other character that is said to appear in Zack Snyder‘s follow up to MAN OF STEEL, the untitled SUPERMAN/BATMAN film, and that’s Lex Luthor. Portrayed by Gene Hackman in the early Donner films and then by Kevin Spacey in Bryan Singer‘s SUPERMAN RETURNS, the door is now open to bring in some fresh, bald blood and two names are popping up on the radar of late. The first is none other than Walter White himself, Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. His name has been circulating thanks to El Mayimbe at Latino Review and, honestly, I think Cranston is the man for the job without question.

However, there’s one other famously bald actor who has played the villain many times over and that’s Mark Strong. Digital Spy caught up with Strong and posed the question about him possibly portraying Superman’s arch nemesis, to which he cryptically replied, “All I can say is… watch this space.” So, does that mean he’s in talks, being considered, or just blissfully hopeful? Hard to say, but it would also be hard to believe that Strong wouldn’t at least be considered by producers for the role.

If they’re going for an older Batman I see no reason why we can’t have an older Lex as well. After all, MAN OF STEEL is not Smallville and it’s not necessary for both characters to be the same age (or appear to be). Personally, I think Cranston is it. Mark Strong is great, no doubt, but we’ve seen his villains many times over now. I’d like to see Cranston “break bad” on ol’ Lex Luthor and bring a new kind of intensity to the role.

What do you think? Strong or Cranston? Or, someone else entirely?

SUPERMAN/BATMAN is slated to hit sometime in 2015.

Source: Digital Spy

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