Ashley Bell moves in Next Door for Kenny Gage and Devon Downs

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Ashley Bell

The directing duo of Kenny Gage and Devon Downs are really on a roll. Just within the last few years, they have made the horror film ANARCHY PARLOR, the Lifetime thriller TWISTED SISTERS, and filmed the dark horror/comedy CYNTHIA. CYNTHIA was just shot this past summer, but Gage and Downs are already moving on to their next project, NEXT DOOR.

Ashley Bell of THE LAST EXORCISM and CARNAGE PARK will star in NEXT DOOR, which tells the story of 

a young woman who accepts an offer from her therapist neighbor to be treated for free and thinks she’s found the perfect situation. But the more she learns about her seemingly altruistic savior, the more she begins to fear for her safety.

The screenplay was written by Adam Rockoff. The film is being produced by Kimberly A. Ray.

I haven't seen any of Gage and Downs' work so far, but their prolificacy is really starting to demand attention. I'm going to have to check out their movies.

Ashley Bell Sparks

Bell in SPARKS

Source: Deadline

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