Backstreet Boy Nick Carter to direct zombie western Dead West for The Asylum

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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The Asylum has been known to give former and forgotten stars the chance to shine (in a fashion) once again by starring in their mockbusters and low-budget fare. We've even seen pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany pop up in a few of The Asylum's better known films. Now a Backstreet Boy will be teaming with the company to make a zombie western titled DEAD WEST.

Noisey recently caught up with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who revealed his plans to direct and act in DEAD WEST which is described as the story of…

 “a gang of bandits from the wild west, who try to rob a bank and soon find themselves in the fight of their lives against a town full of zombies.”

Carter shared his plans, including who he'd like to invite to be a part of his feature debut, stating…

“Actor, director, writer. I’m getting ready to do a deal with a movie company called Asylum, so I’m getting ready to do cool stuff on my own. It’s called Dead West. [laughs.] It’s a zombie horror western movie. It’s a hybrid movie. I created the story, co-wrote the story with a writer, and just did our meeting last week with Asylum. They’re the same people that did Sharknado, so it’s definitely a B-movie, but with this movie it’s something I wrote from my creative brain. Now they’re coming in, and we’re going to partner together, and we’re going to shoot the movie in March. I’m acting in it and possibly bringing in some friends of mine. It’s pretty insane, I’ll tell you, and we’re really, really excited. I’m passionate about this, and I enjoy being artistic in a sort of quirky way that’s unusual. That’s why I’m putting together the cast; there’s some names floating around like Joey Fatone from N*SYNC or an old buddy of mine Shaquille O’Neal. Just an out of the box thing.”

Dammit, Nick Carter…Quit Playing Games with My Heart! Shaq and Joey Fatone in a zombie western? I'd give All I Have to Give to see that happen! Seriously, dude…I need this. My life has been Incomplete as I have never seen Shaq taking on a horde of undead gunslingers, and seeing him alongside Joey Fatone would be simply awesome. I Want It That Way! I can see the two of them taking out zombies and then giving a cowboy hat-tip to each other while stating "We've Got it Goin' On" and breaking into dance. I know The Asylum appreciates their fans, so Asylum peeps listen up: As Long As You Love Me you need to pay whatever Shaq requires to get him in this flick!

Ok, I'm being sarcastic. And also yes, I had to google the titles of all those Backstreet Boys songs.

So be on the lookout for more on DEAD WEST. Everybody, Backstreets Back! Alright!

Source: Noisey

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