Barbenheimer: Full Moon comedy starts filming in April for a summer release

Full Moon founder Charles Band has confirmed that the comedy Barbenheimer begins filming soon, aiming for a summer release

Full Moon Features is gearing up to go into production on their “crazy, candy-colored” comedy Barbenheimer, which was inspired by the portmanteau we all saw a thousand times last summer, as movie-goers headed out for double features of Barbie and Oppenheimer. Full Moon founder Charles Band took to social media to let us know that Barbenheimer will begin filming on April 8th, aiming for a summer 2024 release.

In this post, Band tagged his wife, actress Robin Sydney, genre icon Barbara Crampton, legendary drive-in movie critic and TV host Joe Bob Briggs, and Joe Bob’s “mail girl” Darcy, a.k.a. Diana Prince. We’ll have to wait and see if that means Sydney, Crampton, Joe Bob, and Prince are all going to appear in the movie.

Barbenheimer will be telling the story of Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, a brilliant scientist doll living in Dolltopia, a world of endless summers and beach parties, and her boyfriend Twink Dollman. Dr. Barbenheimer, incensed by the brutal treatment the dolls receive at the hands of human children, ventures into the real world, where she experiences humanity at its worst and, naturally, decides to build a giant nuclear bomb to take it all out. They got great looks and a super attitude! Oh, and now they’ve got the bomb.

Here’s another synopsis we’ve heard: Deep within Dollsville, a group of fed-up female dolls – led by the brilliant Dr. Barbenheimer – build an atomic bomb. Their mission? To bring down the patriarchy once and for all! But as the battle of the sexes swells, will Barbenheimer and her bevy of beauties end up blowing up more than they bargained for? Comedy, drama, action and Armageddon erupt in Full Moon’s latest freaked out fantasy film, BARBENHEIMER!

Band is producing. He has revealed that the film has a budget that’s “just under $1 million” and will feature songs written by Brian Wecht, one half of musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party. The idea to make a movie called Barbenheimer came from Band’s biographer Adam Felber, with whom he wrote the book Confessions of a Puppetmaster: A Hollywood Memoir of Ghouls, Guts and Gonzo Filmmaking (pick up a copy HERE).

Band has also confirmed that there will be a Barbenheimer action figure, “Dr. Barbenheimer riding a nuclear missile a la Dr. Strangelove.”

When Barbenheimer was first announced, it was said that the movie would begin filming last September and would be aiming for a Christmas 2023 release. It got pushed back a bit, we don’t have much longer to wait for it now. Once it’s ready to head out into the world, it will be available to watch on Amazon’s Prime Video and Full Moon’s own streaming service,

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Source: Charles Band

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