Batgirl image shows Batman and Babs together on a rooftop as support from top filmmakers pours in

Batgirl image, Batman, Michael Keaton, Leslie Grace, Kevin Feige

Since Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav announced the shelving of DC’s Batgirl movie, fans and filmmakers have arrived in droves to support the movie’s directors, cast, and crew regarding the loss. In recent news, Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have shared a message of support from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who offered encouraging words to all involved with the defunct film. In addition to Feige’s letter, a new Batgirl image is also making the rounds, featuring Babs and Michael Keaton’s Batman on a rooftop with El Arbi.

Batgirl image, Batman, rooftop

“My friends, I had to reach and let you know we are all thinking about you both,” Feige wrote in an email to Arbi and Fallah. “Because of the wonderful news about the wedding (congrats!) and the disappointing news about ‘Batgirl.’ Very proud of you guys and all the amazing work you do and particularly ‘Ms. Marvel’ of course! Can’t wait to see what is next for you. Hope to see you soon.”

It was revealed earlier this week that Warner Bros. Discovery canceled the release of Batgirl to take advantage of a “purchase accounting” maneuver that grants them a limited return on the film’s production budget. As a result, Zaslav and Warner Bros. Discovery are already experiencing a fallout with fans of the DCEU.

Feige wasn’t the only filmmaker who offered kind words to Team Batgirl. Edgar Wright and James Gunn also joined the chorus of condolences and have wished nothing but the best for all involved. Meanwhile, Zaslav’s ability to lead the DCEU out of dark times is already in question.

“Thanks for all the messages of support all over the world,” Arbi wrote on Instagram. “Shoutout directors Edgar Wright and James Gunn, your kind words and experience mean a lot and help us through this difficult period.”

It’s a shame to think that the almighty dollar and results from a test screening of the unfinished film contributed to Batgirl‘s cancellation. I would argue there are other factors at play, but that’s a rant for another time and platform. Seeing the Batgirl image of Babs and Batman working together stings a little, knowing we might never see this long-awaited team-up on screens large or small.

Source: Twitter, Deadline

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